Ark Housing Trust

We will provide with the following services:

  • Help maintaining the tenancy and thus preventing the damaging cycle of failed accommodation and periods of homelessness.
  • Help with benefits.
  • Reducing anti-social behaviour.
  • Dealing with conflicts in the form of mediation with house mates and neighbours.
  • Intensive housing support.
  • Advice with finances.
  • Budgeting and debt management.
  • Drug and alcohol misuse.
  • Support with mental health issues and domestic abuse.
  • Comprehensive support when the times comes to move on.

We work with the strengths of people who have had problems with drug and alcohol misuse or with mental health difficulties, to help them lead an independent life and to offer the opportunity for them to discover a new and more positive lifestyle. We at Ark Housing Trust recognise that it is a very long road back from addiction, abusive relationships or mental health difficulties and that the road must begin with learning that a healthier and positive choice is available to all, despite the past. Once a person begins to want more for themselves, Ark Housing Trust will provide as many opportunities as possible to build a better future.

Referrals taken from the following:

  • The individual themselves.
  • local authority.
  • Homeless charities.
  • Mental Health Services.
  • Local Community Groups